10 Alternate Endings That Almost Ruined Classic Horror Movies

10. The Blair Witch Project

Haxan Films

The Proper Ending: Film students Heather and Mike hear their missing friend Josh’s cries for help and follow them to a creepy, abandoned house. Following Josh’s voice to the basement, Mike is attacked by an unseen force and his camera drops to the ground.

A hysterical Heather enters the basement and through her camera we see Mike standing in the corner facing the wall before Heather is also attacked before everything goes silent and her camera cuts out.

The Awful Alternate Ending: Distributors Artisan Entertainment felt that The Blair Witch Project’s finale was too ambiguous so had co-directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez shoot a number of alternative endings that included Mike hung on a noose and crucified on one of the Blair Witch’s stick men figures.

Myrick and Sánchez voiced their concern that they felt the original finale was far more effective and scary in its ambiguity and went ahead despite Artisan’s belief that the confusing ending could cost them millions. Blair Witch then went on to make a massive $248.6 million at the box office against a $60,000 budget. How wrong could Artisan have been?


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