10 Alternate Endings That Almost Ruined Classic Horror Movies

A lesson in how not to end your horror film.

Haxan Films

How a movie ends is arguably its most crucial element. No matter how amazing the preceding hour or two have been, a crappy ending can undo all of that. Not to mention that as the movie’s conclusion, its ending is likely going to stick with the audience – you want to out with a bang rather than a whimper.

Given the importance of a great ending, directors often toy with a few different ideas before a film’s final cut is released to moviegoers en masse. Sometimes these alternate endings can be superior to the finale that made it to the big screen but more often than not there’s a reason we get the endings we get. And that’s because the alternative was pretty stupid.

Take, for example, the following horror movies. Their finales are canonical classics and some of the best the horror genre has given us. But things could’ve been very, very different had their inferior alternate endings been properly entertained. In fact, some amazing horror movies would’ve probably been ruined or at least be a different beast entirely.

So, let’s take a jab at would could’ve been with some of horror’s most laughable alternate endings.


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