10 Amazingly Subtle Details You Never Noticed In Famous Movies

Didn’t you notice the significance of Inception’s running time?




For movie nerds the world over, it’s the little details that really count. No matter how great a movie is, it’s the details that truly inspire serious film aficionados – those little touches that tell us that the filmmakers involved really cared about whatever it was that they were creating, and their being there didn’t come as the result of just wanting to get paid and finish the job as quickly as possible. That’s why Blade Runner has remained a classic motion picture for so long – you could literally spend months exploring the tiny details inherent to each one of its incredibly dense frames.

That said, it’s always interesting for a dedicated movie fan to stumble upon a piece of information regarding a rather subtle detail or frequently unnoticed touch in any movie, one that imbues it with that all-important “added awesome factor.” It may be related to an actor’s performance, an in-joke of some kind, or something ultimately insignificant with the power to impress fellow film lovers.

To celebrate things of that sort, then, check out the 10 amazing and subtle details you probably never noticed before in a bunch of famous movies. Trivial? Perhaps. Interesting? Most definitely.