10 Anime Series All Horror Fans Need To Watch

1. Psycho Pass

Tatsunoko Production

Psycho Pass premiered in 2012, and takes place in a futuristic Japan where a person's likelihood of committing a crime is measured through their personality, known as a Psycho Pass.

The story centers around Akane Tsunemori, a new inspector for the Public Safety Bureau, and Shinya Kogami, an enforcer (a latent criminal used to capture other latent criminals) as they and their team investigate a series of seemingly unrelated gruesome murders.

The nature of the murders are graphic and brutal in of themselves (dismemberment, strangulation, and plastination), but the criminals behind the murders are twisted in their own right, as if they're missing something. They're shockingly unsettling. However, even more unsettling is the mastermind they eventually confront in the first season.

Charismatic and intelligent, he can control almost anyone he pleases, and he has no qualms about causing suffering or being cruel. The characters in this series will leave you feeling unbalanced and disturbed.

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