The Wizard Of Oz Gun

It doesn’t matter how many times you watch a movie – sometimes you’re going to miss things, and it’s up to random lists on the internet to help put you on the right path. That’s to say, there’s always more than meets the eyes when it comes to the movies… sometimes the most interesting things take place behind the scenes, during the production process, or are so hard to spot that they slip under the radars of most movie-goers, until somebody brings it up at a party and everybody ends up going around in a circle saying things like: “Really? I don’t believe you! No!”

But knowing that little bit extra about something can’t hurt, can it? Especially when it furthers your appreciation or makes a certain part of a movie more interesting as a result. That’s the case with the 10 movies I’ve gathered up for inclusion on this list, anyway. 10 astonishing little tidbits that you probably didn’t know about a bunch of famous movie scenes, be it relating to how they got made, the actors who appeared in the scenes, or just some incredibly bizarre or interesting things you might have failed to notice. Just think: next time you can be that guy at the party. Woo!

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This article was first posted on August 23, 2013