10 Awesome Horror Movie Twists You Never Saw Coming

9. Everyone Is A Figment Of A Personality Disorder - Identity

Columbia Pictures

Identity starts out with a fantastic premise, where a group of ten strangers end up stranded at a Nevada motel as a rainstorm sets in and blocks the roads out of town. As they get to know each other, they slowly realise a murderer is in their midst, killing them off one by one in the order of their room keys as they desperately try to figure out which one of them could be the killer. Unsure if supernatural intervention is behind the gory deaths or a sick individual, watchers are never told quite what's going on until we're deep in the third act - and it turns out that none of it is real at all.

It isn't a dream, or a coma fantasy, or a drug hallucination, or any other kind of convoluted sleeping mechanism to make the story spicy. Instead, the motel dwellers are all aspects of one man's Dissociative Identity Disorder, who is under treatment to try and flush out a murderous personality hiding in his head.

The film doesn't stop there either, lulling audiences into a false sense of security when all the personalities are wiped out apart from one woman and small, innocent, nine year old Timmy - who turns out to be the host of all of the stabby tendencies. Of course. It's always the 9 year olds.

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