10 Awesome Movies With Seriously Hideous Sex Scenes

Talk about pushing boundaries.

Graphic and frequently disturbing sex scenes are not just confined to the realms of exploitation flicks, B-movies and bad cinema in general. Hideous sex scenes pop up in mainstream cinema and even films that are almost universally critically adored. Sometimes these scenes move a plot along, introduce novel themes into a movie or exist purely to titillate the viewer or disgust them. Take In The Realm Of The Senses. It is a fantastically directed film which looks beautiful, but it contains several scenes of disturbing sexual conduct such as erotic asphyxiation, which eventually kills the male protagonist. In The Realm Of The Senses is nevertheless appreciated as an exceptionally well made art house film, despite depicting the hideous act of killing someone while you have sex with them. The films on this list are mainly very controversial (either in the past or in the present) because they present an abnormal view of sex. Plenty of them have been banned at various times in various countries due to the sexual deviance they portray. It must be stressed that none of these films can be considered exploitation or trash. They are simply well regarded mainstream films which happen to have down-right hideous sex scenes.


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