10 Awesome (Non-Sexist) Girl Vs Girl Fights

10. Queen Latifih vs Missi Pyle, Bringing Down the House

We'll start on a light note. At best, Bringing Down the House is a mildly enjoyable Sunday morning TBS family comedy. Since the director is abysmal (Adam "Rock of Ages" Shankman), the movie is saved from total mediocrity by the fine-tuned comedic instincts of one Mr. Steve Martin and the spunk of his female costar Queen Latifah. They're so good, in fact, that you almost forget how borderline racist most of the comedy in the film is (it's basically an big screen version of Gimme A Break). A sassy, yet sophisticated chocolate goddess (Latifah), invades the life and family of a white, divorced tight-butt tool (Martin), and infuses the household with some much needed spunk and flavor. While the film passes as light comedy, it is remembered mostly for the excellent chick vs chick battle that occurs between Queen Latifiah and Missi Pyle (a very underrated comedienne) portraying Charlene and Ashley respectively. Charlene has begun to make a place for herself in the life of Martin and his family, but his sister-in-law (Pyle) takes it upon her self to undermine her at every turn. After one too many off-color jokes, Charlene decides she's had enough and confronts the "skinny white hoe" in a ladies room at a country club. Latafah's Charlene, and the audience, thinks that it will be an easy beat down, but Pyle's Ashley showcases a surprising amount of grit, which makes a very nice foil for Charlene. If anything, Pyle's physical prowess should come as validation for anyone who ever was ridiculed because of their fondness for Tae Bo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qf9CYqz3Wg
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