10 Awesome Pixar Villains

10. Emperor Zurg - Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 Zurg What makes Zurg's inclusion in Toy Story 2 so great is that his name is subtlety mentioned a few times in the first Toy Story film. Buzz states that his entire role in life, so therefore his fictitious character€™s role as part of a range of toys, is to protect the galaxy from the evil Emperor Zurg, who during the time of the first film is apparently building a weapon big enough to destroy an entire planet. This causes Zurg to certainly have a similarity to Darth Vader, which is a theme played on a lot more in Toy Story 2 when Zurg reveals near the end of the film that he is Buzz€™s father, in a humorous parody of the iconic space saga. It is also very cool that a seemingly throwaway line and character reference that the scriptwriters probably included to authenticate Buzz Lightyear€™s existence within the world of the first film, by making him have a nemesis, is then taken, fleshed out with a unique and menacing look, and made a recurring character of the Toy Story franchise. The opening sequence to Toy Story 2 in which we are introduced to Zurg is breathtaking and for a first time viewer, rather unexpected, as instead of the introduction being that of a child clearly playing with his toys, such is the opening of the first Toy Story film, we get an action-packed, grandiose space adventure, in which we see Buzz battle through fierce odds to then shockingly see our favourite space ranger meet his demise, all to find out that the sequence isn€™t real, but rather Rex the kindly dinosaur playing the Buzz Lightyear video game. If this opening sequence had been true, and the death of Buzz had occurred within the first few minutes of the film, then Zurg would not only be at the top of this list, but he would have to go down in cinematic history as one of the most evil and efficient villains of all time. Instead, we get a Zurg who is not much of a threat, as he doesn€™t fire real bullets or dangerous matter from his gun, but rather squishy looking balls. For this reason he cannot be any higher on this list, but he is still a great character nevertheless, who turns rather lovable once he fully embraces his role as father of the Buzz Lightyear not owned by Andy

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