10 Awesome Trailers That Disguised Utterly Awful Films

Theatrical trailers have always been a staple of going to the movies. Some hate them, some love them, and some…

Robert Kojder



Theatrical trailers have always been a staple of going to the movies. Some hate them, some love them, and some just feel there are too many. Whatever your stance, you are stuck with seeing anywhere from roughly 5-7 of them before your feature begins.

As someone with a desire to review professionally, I believe one of the most important rules you must remain conscious of is that just because a trailer blows your socks off and knocks you on your ass with your butter lathered popcorn all over you, it does not guarantee that the film will be awesome. Of course the flipside of that notion is also true.

Today though, we are looking at 10 films with promising trailers that unfortunately ended up being giant stinkers and a waste of time and money.

10. Cloverfield


The Trailer: Cloverfield was the mysterious and intriguing gargantuan creature epic produced by J.J Abrams and his Bad Robot studio. Ambiguity was the trailers greatest strength, never giving us a glimpse of the monster amongst interest piquing panoramic shots of citywide destruction. The ambiguity was just too exciting and overbearing, and it drew viewers in.

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Why It’s Terrible: After Cloverfield, I was immensely turned off from found footage due to the overkill shakiness of it all. I did not get motion sickness or any other variant but rather just found the film persistently annoying to watch. The characters themselves were bland and throwaway but more unforgivably the highly hyped monster design just did not make a lasting impression on me, which was the films entire purpose. Cloverfield was conceptualized to give Western audiences their version of Godzilla.

And while we’re on the topic of Godzilla, Roland Emmerich’s spin on that movie also qualifies for this list. If you are going to tantalize me with insane destruction sequences in a trailer, you’d better deliver.