10 Awesome Trailers That Tricked Us Into Seeing Awful Movies

These movies stole your money, but they looked good while doing it.

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Though they can be awe-inspiring pieces of art in their own right, the job of a movie trailer is - first and foremost - to sell you the movie.

As a result, they typically try and cram in the most eye-popping, emotional, or scary moments, the stuff that will instantly hook today's share-happy online culture and prompt people to talk with their friends.

But on occasion, that initial buzz can give way to disappointment when the movie itself is finally released.

Because at that point, most of us have already seen all the cool bits in the pre-release trailers and we've been fed a steady diet of digestible, entertaining two-minute slices of footage for months. It's quite hard to separate the adrenaline rush a trailer can give you from the slower pace of the film itself, and over the years, plenty of films have suffered due to the lofty expectations created by their marketing campaigns.

These trailers did their job and they did it well, duping us into thinking the movie itself would be something more than what it turned out to be. How wrong we were.

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