10 Awful 2015 Movies That Deserved To Bomb At The Box Office

1. Rock The Kasbah

Budget: $15 million Box Office: $3.2 million (21.3%) While we all want to believe that Bill Murray can improve pretty much any movie he's in and at least make it tolerable, that sadly isn't the case with his latest. In addition to having the fifth-worst opening of all-time for a film playing in 2,000+ theaters and the lowest return-on-investment ratio of any major movie released this year, this quirky comedy falls almost completely flat, and is at its worst really quite offensive. Xenophobia and misogyny run rampant in a movie where Murray looks tired and can't do much to elevate the terrible script, while the rest of the cast (including Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride and Bruce Willis) barely make a dent, and director Barry Levinson once again proves why he's one of the most frustratingly inconsistent filmmakers in all of Hollywood. For cynically assuming that Murray's presence would make it successful with the hipster crowd, this one deserved to die its painful death. No sympathy here. Which movies were you most glad to see divebomb at the box office? Shout them out in the comments!
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