10 Awful 2015 Movies That Deserved To Bomb At The Box Office

10. Fantastic Four

Budget: $120 million Box Office: $168 million (140% of its budget) We'll kick off with a movie that made its budget back on paper, but when you factor in marketing costs and the expected return-on-investment of a $120 million superhero movie, Fantastic Four is nothing short of an utter failure. Grossing substantially less than the goofy 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four films (which made $330.6 million and $289 million respectively), this can be explained by a number of reasons, namely a terrible marketing campaign, negative Internet buzz amid an apparently troubled production, and the movie's director Josh Trank trashing his own movie on Twitter a day before it came out. In addition to all this, yes, Fantastic Four is an utter misfire on its own terms: it takes too long to go anywhere, nothing much of interest happens, Dr. Doom is atrocious, and it's basically a botched attempt to make one of Marvel's silliest properties dark and gritty. Instead, it's merely dull and charmless. Most of us saw it coming, and there was a certain degree of satisfaction in seeing such a lame and lazy attempt to keep the rights from Marvel Studios crash and burn so spectacularly.

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