10 "Awful" Comic Book Movies Worth A Second Chance

It's sad to say, but there was once a point in time when comic books were so low on Hollywood's radar, that fans were happy just to have a movie. And those movies tended to be extremely low on the quality scale. A comic book movie, let alone a good one, was a pretty rare occurrence. Now, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a movie or a TV show that's based on a comic. And Hollywood has begun taking the medium far more seriously than they used to, because they've realized that when a comic-based movie is treated with respect instead of scorn, it tends to do extremely well at the box office. But for every Avengers or Dark Knight, we still get a Catwoman or an X-Men Origins. And then there are those incredibly divisive films like Man of Steel or Amazing Spider-Man. However, initial reactions can sometimes be far too heated, and there are those films that despite their flaws, are not the train-wrecks that people first proclaim them as. Here are ten such movies that, while far from being perfect, are well worth another, more open-minded viewing.
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