10 Awful Movies You Only Watched For The Nude Scenes

Barb Wire If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that nudity can make a bad film far more memorable. Sometimes it's because a particular actress or actor has said they'd never do it, before a pile of money landed in front of them, sometimes it's because the star in question is incredible, and sometimes, it's because the moment is so awful, it transcends the rest of the film's appeal. With that in mind, we are celebrating those films that are only memorable because they included a famous, or more appropriately, an infamous nude scene. These films are mostly irredeemably awful, and are now only worthy of note because some ingenious (or wholly misguided) producer decided to spunk most of his budget convincing a mega-star to get their kit of. And who says film-making is an art?

Honourable Mention

The Simpsons The most famous nude scene ever for a while before it was released, the Simpsons' Movie's decision to feature a shot of Bart Simpson's penis was a fairly bold departure from expectations, and served as a wonderful marketing tool (aherm) for the movie when word got out. The film isn't quite awful though €“ it's simply too limited in its attempt to broaden its own horizons, and feels like an extended episode. So while we might question it's existence, it doesn't actually qualify here, as it's not a terrible watch by any means.
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