10 Beautiful Actors Who Went Ugly For Movie Roles

What could be more satisfying than watching some of the world's most beautiful people bringing themselves down to our level? Nothing, that's what.

Movie stars are, generally speaking, a rather vain and image-obsessed bunch. That's not exactly surprising, of course, given that their careers depend quite heavily on the fact that they're able to draw us into cinemas with what we might only describe as "handsome faces and perfect bodies" - it's all right for some, huh? Still, occasionally an actor will stray from the path of "looking good in absolutely everything" in favour of something a bit different: something... well, ugly, to be frank. Yes, movie stars have been committing themselves to what we're going to brandish "ugly roles" ever since Margaret Hamilton donned the green paint and prosthetic nose for the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. Still, whereas ol' Maggie wasn't much of a looker in the first place, such transformations are arguably made far more interesting when an actor renowned for their gorgeousness arrives on screen looking like they got hit with the wrong side of a hot shovel. Which is precisely what the 10 actors we've gathered here did, for a number of reasons. But mostly it was awards. For the sweet, sweet awards. We've ranked the following players in order of how ugly they made themselves, because that seems like the most, uh, "logical" approach.

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