10 Best Directors Who Haven't Won An Oscar

If the Academy won't honor them, we will.

Sony Pictures

This past Sunday, a tremendous wrong was finally righted when Guillermo del Toro finally won Best Director at the Oscars. Del Toro has been a hard-working filmmaker for twenty-five years now, consistently putting out great work. Yet prior to this year, the man himself had never even been nominated for Best Director, much less won the award.

Which is, sadly, a bit of a trend.

We view the Oscars as the highest honor a film or filmmaker can possibly receive. They are the honor bestowed to those who make the best films, the ones that will stand the test of time and remain with us in our hearts and minds. And yet, so many of the greatest directors of all time have never won a single Best Director award.

These are the women and men who have delivered incredible bodies of work over long periods of time and have not yet been (or never will be) grace with Oscar gold. They are absolute masters of the craft who simply never got to take the gold home. Whether it was due to studio politics, or their work not being appreciated in its time, there are the greatest directors who have never won their Oscar.


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