10 Best Documentarians In Found Footage Films

Even though it may be incredibly shaky, occasionally these guys managed to catch all the best stuff.

Artisan EntertainmentArtisan EntertainmentFound footage films are frequently on the receiving end of a thorough bashing. Some people find them cheap and nasty, some hate their lack of decent resolutions, and some would simply rather the footage had never been dug up in the first place. At the centre of these films is a character who is also usually the camera operator. From Heather Donahue in The Blair Witch Project, to Brian Taylor in End of Watch, these characters are single-minded in their desire to ensure that us viewers get to see everything. Whether it€™s endless running around the woods looking for a witch, or running away from a giant monster in New York, there are always determined documentarians who are keen to capture every extraordinary event that occurs. With their lightweight cameras, these characters invite the audience to experience everything from their point of view. One of the major reasons that people dislike found footage movies is that viewers cannot believe that anyone would keep filming when their life is in danger. However, this list shows 10 of the most believable characters in found footage films and their convincing reasons to keep filming, even when faced with death. Found footage films have recently expanded into other genres apart from horror. Not all of the characters on this list are confronted by supernatural beings, or set out to document a monster, but what they all have in common is a desire to share their incredible experiences with the world. Lights, camera, action...

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