10 Best "I Want" Songs In Animated Films

10. Tarzan - "Strangers Like Me"

Performed by the legend that is Phil Collins, “Strangers Like Me” is sung from the perspective of Tarzan, who yearns to find out more about the human world. It also describes his fascination with the other human characters who all act differently to him, as well as his budding feelings for Jane Porter.

In a pop rock song punctuated by drums, Collins effectively conveys Tarzan's curiosity and eagerness to learn about the modern conventions of a world that is completely alien to him. It couples well with the smoothly-animated montage that sees Tarzan becoming closer to his human companions but distancing himself from his life in the jungle, where he had been raised all his life.

That Collins performs the musical number rather than Tarzan himself allows the viewer to concentrate on our hero's organic reactions to everything – from candle-light and the stars in the night-sky to Jane's own response to his home – and see for themselves how genuinely enthralled he is with the outside world.


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