10 Best Joker Movie Moments

There's a new Joker in town - let's see how he stacks up...

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There's no denying the strength of the Joker brand. Weird, wonderful and increasingly insane, he's up there with Batman as one of comic books' most iconic characters.

While Suicide Squad itself is proving pretty divisive, it features an interesting role for the Clown Prince of Crime, tackled by Jared Leto. His mad-cap, equally divisive portrayal is the latest in a line of live-action Jokers that spreads from out from original party-clown Cesar Romero in 1966.

And luckily for audiences, each different iteration has brought something new to the table. Some prefer Nicholson, some prefer Ledger and some will undoubtedly prefer Leto, and if nothing else, this speaks volumes as to the lasting impression the character leaves on audiences.

So why does he deserve the legacy? Here are the Clown Prince Of Crime's finest movie moments in 50 years on the big screen...

10. The Dehydration Gun (Batman 1966)

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If there's one personality trait that defines the Joker, it's his lack of empathy. He just doesn't care. You get the impression that he'd literally steal candy from a baby if he got the chance, or even worse, blow the baby away and take the treats afterwards.

And this trait is portrayed brilliantly in the 1966 Batman movie, in which The Joker and a band of other super-villains - Penguin, Catwoman and Riddler - come into possession of a 'dehydration gun,' which, as the name implies, will thoroughly dry out its victims and turn them to dust.

On his first time using the weapon, The Joker simply waltzes into a room packed full of world leaders and, without a care in the world, begins to dispatch them mercilessly. A lot of other movie villains would probably try out their death machine on a smaller scale first, but the Joker, gleeful laughs and all, isn't afraid to mess with anyone, of any level of authority.

It's the perfect way to showcase The Joker's ruthless nature, even in a more frivolously comical environment.

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