10 Best Movies Starring Justice League Actors

Bad Lex Luthor? Awesome Mark Zuckerberg.

The Social Network Jesse Eisenberg

With Justice League pulling in mediocre box office numbers worldwide right now, it's safe to say that its litany of A-list cast members couldn't help propel it to critical or commercial dynamite.

No doubt you've seen the mixed results for yourself, which probably had you wishing you were watching a classic movie starring any of these terrific actors instead.

We recently gave a rundown of the very worst movies starring Justice League's cast, highlighting the blatant paycheck roles and early career-starters, but what about those great, unforgettable movies you've probably returned to again and again?

In these ten major critical hits, the actors in question poured themselves into each role, from modest "art-house" flicks to massive tentpole blockbusters, becoming forever instilled in the collective pop-culture consciousness as a result.

As with the previous list, DCEU movies are disqualified here because they feel like a cheat (though with the DCEU's general critical response, maybe not), with this list instead dating back through almost three decades of classic cinema...


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