10 Best Nostalgic Mixtape Movie Soundtracks

Slap on some No Doubt and let's go back to 1995 with Captain Marvel.

Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel is the first runaway box office success of 2019. And, while the movie's plot may hew a little too close to the standard Marvel formula to achieve real classic status, its sweet Blockbuster Video and dial-up internet slice of pure 90s nostalgia has won it plenty of fans.

A big part of that rose-tinted glow of years past is achieved through Marvel's latest borrowing Guardians Of The Galaxy's enormously successful soundtrack-as-mixtape model to give us a superhero adventure backed by some of the decade's best earworms.

It's an approach that has seen the likes of Garbage, Elastica and TLC (not to mention the somewhat less 90s "Please Mr. Postman", the Marvelettes's 1961 number one, which Nick Fury sings in the movie) shooting up the download charts like they haven't in years.

Captain Marvel, though, is far from the first movie to use a well-curated nostalgic soundtrack as the perfect atmospheric way to get its audience into a headspace of a particular time and place, and at the same time produce a mix that is well worth a listen outside its own movie, so let's take a look at some of the other best movie nostalgia mixtapes.

Note: This list is specifically about movies that use a period soundtrack to establish the mood of their retro setting, so don't expect to find any Tarantino-style cool retro soundtracks to contemporary-set pictures here. Also, it would be too easy to fill the list with movies purposefully about musicians, so those are out too.


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