On June 23, 2013 legendary writer Richard Matheson departed from this existence after 87 years of life. His work as a science fiction/horror writer has taken us to strange dimensions of the imagination for over 60 years and will continue to inspire new generations of writers for years to come. He has written a number of short stories, novels, and screenplays that have been adapted for film and television. Most of his television work was with the series The Twilight Zone where he wrote 16 episodes including 1 episode on the revived 1985 version. Two of those episodes were the basis of the recent films The Box (2009) and Real Steel (2011).

His most popular work is his 1954 post apocalyptic horror novel, I Am Legend, which was adapted into three separate films. He has influenced filmmakers and writers such as George A. Romero, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and Stephen King. This year’s Saturn Awards are being dedicated in Matheson’s honor. He had passed just days before the ceremony was held where he was due to receive the Visionary Award.

His legacy as a mind bending author and screenwriter will live on with audiences who share in his desire to explore the fearful places of our minds and discover the unknown truths of humanity.

This list is dedicated to the 10 best film and television adaptations of Richard Matheson’s work.

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This article was first posted on June 29, 2013