10 Best Side Characters In The MCU

The characters so great they deserve their own spin-offs... like now.

Marvel Studios

Marvel's Cinematic Universe is an ever-expanding force that seems to be continuously stretching in every direction. For the past ten years, we have been steadily receiving a stream of Marvel films that now show no sign of stopping. We've been getting three films a year for the past two years now, with the roster of big-name superheroes only growing longer and longer.

But what about the characters who aren't so super? What about the characters who don't get to have their own solo film or act as a highlighted member of that oh-so-large network?

Since the very beginning, Marvel has been excellent at surrounding its superheroes with charismatic and likable side characters. They can act as comic relief, as emotional support, or even as true heroes in their own unique way. But they never seem to quite get the recognition they deserve. At the end of the first Iron Man, it is Tony Stark who gets all the glory, not Pepper Potts or Phil Coulson, who arguably do just as much to defeat the Iron Monger.

These are the heroes whose songs have, thus far, gone unsung. These are the side-kicks, friends, and family who have stuck by our hero's side as they save the world time and time again and never asked for a fraction of the attention. They are the best side characters the MCU has to offer.

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