10 Big Movie Twists That Were So Obvious It Actually Hurt

Well, duh!

There's an art to crafting an awesome movie plot twist: get it right, and it can cement a movie in our minds forever more, as in examples such as Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, Psycho, and so on. Each of these movies completely confounded our expectations, and the revelation hit us like a freight train, with the added benefit of making subsequent viewings a lot more interesting.

Then there's the movies derailed by flat-out awful plot twists, like Signs, The Number 23 (admittedly a sucky movie anyway), and Now You See Me. But what about those movies that can't even string a water-tight plot twist together? These 10 movies, whether masterpieces or irredeemably bad, all failed to convince audiences of their conceits, either due to a lack of finesse in the script, or more tragically, due to ridiculously over-eager trailers giving away far too much information, as has become an increasingly troublesome trend in recent years.

Either way, audiences were ready to shout, "Well, duh!" at the screen by the time the revelation came about.


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