10 Biggest Lies Comic Book Movie Fans Tell Themselves

10. More = Better

Infinity War

It's classic sequel rules: the sequel has to up the game, deliver more; bigger explosions, greater threat. But Age of Ultron proved that the MCU has no hope in achieving this unless they add more characters. They sort of shot themselves in the foot by making the original Avengers movie one of the greatest cinematic spectacles of all time, begging the question; how do you go higher than the very top?

Sure, Marvel did it right by giving each Avenger (practically) their own movie before stitching them together into The Avengers but now we're getting more and more heroes, and more heroes means of course more screen time is needed to give them a point. Marvel have done well so far in achieving relevance for most of their heroes, but we're already hearing that giants like Spider-Man won't be featuring much in Infinity War.

They can only shove so much in before irrelevance rears its ugly head.

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