10 Biggest Movie Controversies Of 2018

10. The Bird Box Challenge - Bird Box

Bird Box Sandra Bullock

December's Netflix hit Bird Box revolved around a woman (Sandra Bullock) trying to protect her children from extraterrestrial entities which induce those who look at them to commit suicide. As such, blindfolds are pretty popular fashion items.

The movie's enormous success - scoring 45 million views in its first week alone - has been largely credited to its social media penetration, namely Netflix's instigation of the so-called "Bird Box Challenge."

The streaming giant originally partnered with four Twitch streamers to play games blindfolded, but soon enough regular folk started one-upping that tame experiment by washing the dishes blindfolded, walking into walls blindfolded, and soon enough, trying to drive a car blindfolded.

With accidents piling up, Netflix was forced to offer an advisory to their customers, that maybe, just maybe, blindfolding yourself and moving or doing anything with mechanical or sharp objects isn't such a great idea.

This is what the human race is in 2019, apparently.

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