10 Biggest Mysteries That Upcoming Movies Must Solve

9. Justice League - How Will Superman Return?

Warner Bros.

Justice League hits theatres in November, and it has a little Superman problem to solve. Namely, how to bring the Man of Steel back from the dead following his self-sacrifice in Dawn of Justice's final battle against Doomsday.

A leak from merchandiser SuperHeroStuff.com may have shed some light on the matter, but also posed a new set of questions around it.

The online retailer is selling a "Superman Black Armor Justice League 39Thirty Fitted Hat" which it claims is based on the black costume Supes dons in Justice League after emerging from a "regeneration matrix", a Kryptonian chamber that reverses the fatal aftereffects of his showdown with Doomsday.

Doomsday Batman V Superman
Warner Bros.

Assuming this intel is true - and it might not be - it begs the question of who initiates Superman's resurrection. He was buried at the end of Dawn of Justice, so who physically digs him up and places him in that chamber?

Then there's the question of which side Supes returns on. There have been hints of him coming back on the dark side, in league with the evil Steppenwolf - Batman's Knightmares, for one - but surely he won't stay that way for long.


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