10 Biggest Unconfirmed Rumours About 2019 Movies

10. Tails Will Appear As Sonic's Gadget-Man - Sonic The Hedgehog


Movies based on video games are rarely a good time for anybody, but that hasn't stopped Paramount from moving forward with a live-action/CGI hybrid adaptation of Sonic The Hedgehog, set for release this time next year.

Being based on such a long-running series, the movie has a lot of settings and characters to draw from, but one particular character fans would like to see appear is Tails, one of Sonic's oldest and most loyal allies. Unfortunately, we haven't had any official word about the character's involvement thus far, but as usual, that hasn't stopped the rumour mill from spinning into overdrive.

There have been a lot of discussions around the role that Tails could play in the film, but one of the most interesting possibilities came from a Reddit post by u/SonicFilmAnon, a user who claimed to have inside knowledge of the script:

"Tails is said to accompany Sonic on a lot of his adventures and is kind of Sonic's support, provides him with a lot of gadgets throughout the movie and has a lab in Green Hill."

These details supposedly came from an early draft of the script, so even if this was true, things could easily have changed by now. Either way, since we're within a year of the film's release, it won't be long before we find out if Tails is actually involved or not.


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