10 Bill Murray Movies You Should Throw Out The Window

Giving the expression "Bill payer" a whole new meaning.

Laconic actor par excellence Bill Murray has hit the headlines for the first time in years, due to his bad behaviour in a California bar. Seems the star just wasn't in the mood to be selfied by the cameraphone generation, and promptly chucked their devices off the roof in a rock star-like display of showbusiness temperament. He offered to pay for any damage after the incident, but too late: the press were in full swing. If you know a bit about Murray, you'd know this wasn't totally out of character. He's never been one to lie down and let the waves of Hollywood wash over him, be it arguing with a co-star or going method as one of the twentieth century's great hedonists. Contrary to those blockbuster comedy hits, he's a sensitive individual, renowned and respected for his dedication to the craft of acting. Having said that, boy does he get it wrong at times. So in the spirit of throwing caution to the wind (and indeed an iPhone), let's get stroppy and pick out a few Murray misfires from across the years to be hurled into oblivion.


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