10 Bill Murray Movies You Should Throw Out The Window

10. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Over the past couple of decades Murray has formed a strong working relationship with offbeat director Wes Anderson, and in 2004 he starred in The Life Aquatic, a typically eccentric take on a Jacques Cousteau-inspired figure. Whilst being followed around by journalist Cate Blanchett for a profile piece, he engages in a Moby Dick-style quest to slay a shark and bonds with the son he never knew he had (Owen Wilson). This sounds fun, and bits of it are, but the movie soon becomes a grinding experience, as aloof and inaccessible as the title character himself. There's enough material here for a sketch, but Anderson stretches it to breaking point as a feature length outing, relying on "quirky" touches like a Brazilian David Bowie obsessive and a topless female crew member... because, y'know, that's the kind of wacky film it is. I have a general beef with the helmer in that he seems interested in presentation at the expense of content and that's certainly true of Steve Zissou. Murray's presence puts meat (or fish) on the bones of the elusive explorer but you come away not knowing much about him and frankly not caring. The combo have produced other offerings that I enjoyed a lot more, but this is definitely one to throw overboard.

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