It doesn’t exactly take a well-versed individual to tell you that the James Bond franchise of films is typically laden with classically beautiful, and elegant women. When you consider their role in Bond they’re often an afterthought behind the nefarious plots, dastardly villains, luxurious cars and cooky gadgetry. However, underneath their primary function as eye-candy as often first thought, there is a surprising amount of depth when you consider the overall role of the bond girls, particularly in relation to one another.

Obviously on some level they provide an idea of glamour, and sophistication to the films. Beyond that, they help define Bond. His relationship with women, and how he treats them varies from girl to girl. Also it plays a big factor in overall how Bond acts in regard to females, which helps mold that particular iteration of Bond. For example Sean Connery is typically charming, Roger Moore is more distant and advantageous, while current bond Daniel Craig is a bit more unflinching when it comes to the female kind, for good reason.

There’s also a distinctly tragic side to Bond Girls too. Quite often they die, usually due to the interference of a villain or henchman. Bond may mourn for a brief moment, but he’s rarely affected. He just shrugs them off, in a ‘Oh no another one’ fashion. That kind of tragic element, along with hints of danger and remorse are what makes an impactful bond girl. The pristine beauty may be alluring, but it’s true substance that lingers in the mind.


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This article was first posted on July 16, 2013