10 Brilliant Movies With A Terrible Concept

Harry Potter as a farting corpse? Sounds sh*t.


"Don't judge a book by its cover."

You've probably heard that phrase a million different times, and even though we're all told not to, we just can't help but take things at face value; it's so easy to decide what you're going to get, based on what you see in front of you.

Movies are no different. We're all guilty of this: seeing a trailer or promotional image, shrugging, and not showing a film any further interest, all because of that one quick look that might not represent everything it has going for it.

A lot of the time, this is the right decision - nobody's going to call you out for dismissing every Transformers trailer as overcooked CGI nonsense - but occasionally, a movie can rise above the fact that it might seem like a bad prospect, delivering something truly special in the process.

It's virtually a guarantee that you've seen one of these movies and loved it, despite thinking that it seemed like a terrible idea on paper. And if you haven't yet progressed past the latter stage... just give them a chance, will you?


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