10 Brilliantly Crazy Movie Fan Theories

10. Batman's Adversaries Are All Hallucinations

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This theory is advanced by Frankie Boyle, who’s good mates with fellow Scot (and author of several Batman titles) Grant Morrison. That lends it more credibility than your average fan theory.

Remember the scene in Batman Begins where the caped crusader gets a dose of The Scarecrow’s fear gas and starts hallucinating? Boyle’s theory is that the gas never wore off and everything since then is just the effects of the gas on him. Which, come to think of it, would explain Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

“The larger-than-life villains are just teenagers being beaten to a pulp by this madman,” Boyle says. “The Joker is just some children’s entertainer who gets regularly victimized and The Penguin is a local pigeon.”

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