10 Changes The DCEU Will Make After Justice League

Goodbye Batfleck, Zack Snyder and bad CGI.

Warner Bros.

It's fair to say Justice League didn't quite pan out the way DC and Warner Bros were hoping. Box office takings have been lower than what they would have liked and the big superhero team-up has divided fans and critics.

The studios had a clear roadmap for its follow-up movies, which include Aquaman, Shazam, Suicide Squad 2 and Flashpoint, but the way Justice League was received will no doubt see a few deviations from the plotted course.

Some films that there were pencilled in may be swiftly erased, while others that have entered development could undergo a tonal rethink. No doubt DC and Warner will think twice about renewing some of the actors' contracts, and in turn, certain stars could willingly make for the exit.

For all of the criticism it's been hit with, Justice League wasn't all bad. The returning cast members put in strong performances for the most part and there are hints of a better film in there, underneath all of that studio interference and production woes.

More importantly, there are reasons to believe it will improve in the future, especially if Warner make theses changes...


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