10 Characters For Marvel Studios To Explore The Supernatural

It's time to visit the dark corners.


Doctor Strange has now joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he may be one of the most important characters introduced yet. While other new characters come out of the world of the Avengers in many ways, Doctor Strange is something of an anomaly of what we've seen so far.

Up until now, the MCU has had a heavy basis in science. Really weird science, but science nonetheless. Even the more fantasy-esque Thor films tried to explain away the magical connections as just being another kind of science.

But Doctor Strange is a character who is unapologetically connected to the supernatural. And he's not the only character in Marvel connected to that world. In fact, the addition of the Sorcerer Supreme means Marvel is broadening their scope to no longer be limited to the standard sci-fi superheroics.

And it's happening in other corners of the MCU, too. It could be argued it began with Daredevil's introduction of the Hand, a mystic order of ninjas. And the current season of Agents of SHIELD has seen the introduction of both Ghost Rider and the Darkhold, two very supernatural elements in the comics.

So now the question: where does Marvel go from here? The supernatural side of the Marvel Universe is pretty broad, and here are ten characters who'd be perfect to show us around.


Percival Constantine is the author of several novels and short stories, including the Vanguard superhero series, and regularly writes and comments on movies, comics, and other pop culture. More information can be found at his website, PercivalConstantine.com