10 Classic Movies That Taught Us Terrible Lessons

glenn ross Not everyone thinks about it this way, but movies educate us about life better than any school or religion. Why? Because our brains trick our bodies into thinking that we are the ones experiencing the events on the screen. And this is scientifically verified fact. Your mouth waters when you watch Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Your heart palpitates when Ethan Hunt makes impossible missions doable through technology, acrobatics and bombs. And your ... well, let's just say certain things happen to your body when James Bond and one of his lady friends start making out. Although none of us will probably have such adventures, we'd sure like to. The best part about movies is that they can teach us how not to live. Ancient tragedies like Oedipus Rex taught hard lessons to the Greeks about what not to do, and a sufficient number of those folks listened well-enough to ensure that Western culture thrived. Here are 10 classic movies from our own era with terrible lessons intended to teach us to live better psychologically healthier and longer so we can see even more movies before Father Time finally checks his watch and summons Mr. Death.
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Anthony Metivier is the author of Disaster Genre Secrets for Screenwriters and How to Learn and Memorize German Vocabulary.