The superhero film genre has been around for decades, and audiences still can’t seem to get enough. For many, it’s a simple and less time-consuming way to learn about characters who in many cases are older than the actual viewer.

However, to those who unfamiliar with characters and story-lines from the comics, they may not notice when aspects of these things are altered for the feature-length adaptation. For us fanboys and girls, however, we are MOST definitely aware of when things are portrayed differently on screen.

That’s not to say that all changes for film are bad. Hell, the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe has aspects of it that are unique to the films, and sometimes work out better (Jeremy Renner not wearing an actual Hawkeye costume, for one).

That being said, there are certain superhero films where it’s clear that the makers of the film altered things so much that one wonders whether they even read the comic book at all. More likely that had some assistant read them the Sparknotes version of what the movie is based on. This doesn’t always mean the film turned out bad, as evidenced by a few entries on this list. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case, and ignoring the source usually proves to be detrimental to the movie and enrages the geek community in the process.

With that said, here’s is the top 10 list of superhero films that completely ignored the source when it came to a crucial part of the film, or the whole film in general.

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This article was first posted on August 7, 2013