10 Comic Book Movies That COMPLETELY Wasted Their Potential

Justice League SHOULD have been DC's Avengers...

Warner Bros

Is there a worse feeling than sitting in a movie theater, watching the credits start to roll as you feel utterly deflated due to disappointment? The trailers looked good, the potential for greatness present and accounted for, yet the film ultimately missed the mark.

And it's never just a single story aspect or casting choice that causes this lackluster end result. A lot of elements combine together to lead into a disappointing moviegoing experience. With an ever-increasing plethora of comic book movies coming out each year, there's a steady amount of anticipation and high-expectations coursing through moviegoers' minds constantly.

This leads to blockbuster projects that end up (intentionally or not) in direct competition with one another, resulting in one that seemingly always pales in comparison. Whether they fail to connect with audiences or fall short at the box office, these films struggled to achieve the success that they sought.

Entries on this list earned their place through their failure to match the expectations set for them by the studio and audiences, leading to their critical and/or financial downfall. Each earns a spot in their own way, so let's look back with sorrow on these 10 promising titles that missed the mark in one way or another.


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