10 Comic Book Movies That Don't Deserve To Be Rotten On Rotten Tomatoes

Far more super than the critics gave them credit for.

We all know a Rotten Tomatoes score isn't a true sign of a film's overall quality; it's a weighted score based on binary opinions from a select group of film critics. Besides, it's not like cinematic quality is an objective measure anyway. However, that doesn't stop us all relying on it regardless; a movie Certified Fresh is a must see and, perhaps even moreso, any movie that even steers into Rotten territory (with a score below 60%) needs to be avoided at all costs. But to do that means you wind up missing a lot of great movies well worth you time that were unfairly treated by contemporary critics or otherwise misunderstood. And that's especially true when it comes to comic book movies. As far as Rotten Tomatoes is concerned, films in this particular genre frequently fail to make the grade, derided for being juvenile or mocked for being too reliant on special effects. However, in a lot of cases, the critical opinion is way off base, not really reflect the appeal certain comic book films have for their target audience. Here, then, are 10 comic book movies that really don't deserve their "rotten" ratings; certified proof that the world's most popular critical aggregator site can't always be trusted when it comes to this particular genre of film...


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