10 Comic Book Villains That Deserve To Be In Movies

In 2012, superheroes dominated the box office, claiming both the highest and third highest grossing films. More than ten Hollywood…

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In 2012, superheroes dominated the box office, claiming both the highest and third highest grossing films. More than ten Hollywood blockbusters based on superheroes are slated for release in 2013, with plenty more to come in 2014 and 2015.

It has been said that a hero is only as good as his villains. If superheroes are going to continue to see success in film, we will need to see some new interesting villains. Here is a list of ten very intriguing comic book villains that deserve a chance in film to show how awesome they are. Included is a discussion on the likelihood of each villain appearing in film.

In the interests of highlighting new villains, I have excluded Darkseid, Brainiac, Ultron and Apocalypse who are yet to appear in film, but did appeared in my previous list of great comic villains that need proper film treatment. You can check out the full list of great villains here.


Honourable Mentions – Surtur & Dormammu

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Both are immensely powerful beings of pure malevolence. Both are cosmic level threats to the Marvel universe. Both would require a great deal of CGI to bring to life in film. Both seem to have a thing for fire.

Surtur is a giant fire demon who is primarily an antagonist of Thor and Odin. He rules over the fire demons in the hellish realm of Muspelheim, at the farthest reaches of the nine realms. There he waits for the end of time when he will slay men and gods. He is one of the greatest threats to Asgard and the nine realms with his power equal to that of Odin.

Dormammu is a being of mystical energy who is primarily an antagonist of Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. He exists in his own Dark Dimension where he is a god tyrant. He is one of the most powerful mystical entities in the Marvel universe and is considered a threat to the life of the universe itself.

Likelihood of appearing:

Both Surtur and Dormammu have a very good likelihood of appearing in film.

The casting call for Thor: The Dark World included a call for men skilled in fire breathing and fire twirling. It is likely that these men will be playing Surtur’s army of fire demons. No doubt these men will need their malevolent leader.

It has been confirmed that a Doctor Strange film will be part of phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dormammu is the primary antagonist of Doctor Strange so it is very likely that he will appear in that film, if not before then.