10 Completely Overrated Movies

10. Inception (2010)


So, let me get this straight. You have a film where people can enter the mind of an individual through their dreams and ferret out information that’s useful in the real world. They have to be careful to remember it’s a dream, however, or they may lose themselves when they forget that it isn’t real. Yeah, that sounds an awful lot like The Cell (2000) to me.

People gushed over this film. When they finished praising Nolan’s genius, it was as if Hitchcock and Kubrick rose from their graves, took his hand and declared him the next big thing. I didn’t see the film in theaters, but I had friends come to me afterward and say, “It was so complex. I need to see it twice. It was so COMPLEX.” They kept repeating the word complex. I started to wonder, even before seeing the film, if they weren’t equating complexity (i.e. their inability to understand it) with greatness.

Then I saw the film and realized, yes, they had been tricked by Nolan’s ridiculous plotting. Too much didn’t add up: is limbo really a threat when you can just kill yourself to wake up? Why doesn’t Fischer (Cillian Murphy) recognize Saito (Ken Watanabe) in his dreams (they’re both power players in their field)?

I’m not saying consistency is a requirement for a film to be good, but don’t try to trick me into thinking you’re deep by throwing massive amounts of information at me, scrambling it together until it’s unbelievably murky, and basically saying, “Here, you do something with this.” That’s just lazy.