10 Completely Overrated Movies

10. Inception (2010)

Inception So, let me get this straight. You have a film where people can enter the mind of an individual through their dreams and ferret out information that€™s useful in the real world. They have to be careful to remember it€™s a dream, however, or they may lose themselves when they forget that it isn€™t real. Yeah, that sounds an awful lot like The Cell (2000) to me. People gushed over this film. When they finished praising Nolan€™s genius, it was as if Hitchcock and Kubrick rose from their graves, took his hand and declared him the next big thing. I didn€™t see the film in theaters, but I had friends come to me afterward and say, €œIt was so complex. I need to see it twice. It was so COMPLEX.€ They kept repeating the word complex. I started to wonder, even before seeing the film, if they weren€™t equating complexity (i.e. their inability to understand it) with greatness. Then I saw the film and realized, yes, they had been tricked by Nolan€™s ridiculous plotting. Too much didn€™t add up: is limbo really a threat when you can just kill yourself to wake up? Why doesn€™t Fischer (Cillian Murphy) recognize Saito (Ken Watanabe) in his dreams (they€™re both power players in their field)? I€™m not saying consistency is a requirement for a film to be good, but don€™t try to trick me into thinking you€™re deep by throwing massive amounts of information at me, scrambling it together until it€™s unbelievably murky, and basically saying, €œHere, you do something with this.€ That€™s just lazy.
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