10 Completely Plausible Answers To Unanswered Movie Questions

9. Why Didn’t Jack Climb Onto The Door With Rose?



The age old question clamoured over by film fans, romantics and those just looking for a reason to hate alike, why couldn’t Jack climb out of the freezing cold water and onto the door beside Rose at the culmination of Titanic? It looks as if there is ample room for Jack to squeeze out of the water, thus ensuring they can spend the rest of their lives together in perfect happiness, so why doesn’t he?

In reality, it’s probably a lot less likely that either of them would have survived had Jack climbed onto the door. Whilst it looks like the door is sturdy enough to keep them both above water, they never actually try and so we cannot definitely say that it could hold the added weight that Jack would bring. Even if the door had even dipped just slightly, the freezing cold water would likely have risen above the edges, leaving them lying in the same freezing temperatures that killed Jack whilst they waited to be rescued, not ideal.


Really, when you think about it, even if the door does look big enough for them both to lie on, that is only from our perspective. Jack is not only rapidly freezing to death, but also clinging on to the side of the door. His view would have been stunted to say the least and he couldn’t possibly know that the door would consistently hold his weight. Even if he thought they would be fine, there is a good chance they would have both died if we were wrong, something he was clearly not willing to risk. In short, Jack ensured Rose’s survival 100%, regardless of what it meant for him, probably a more romantic ending to them both surviving anyway.