10 Controversial Films With Scenes Of Explicit Sexual Violence

5. The Accused (1988)

Iodhihd Jodie Foster was awarded Best Actress Oscar for her turn as Sarah Tobias - a working class woman who is gang raped by a bunch of drunken hooligans in a bar while more drunken hooligans are cheering the rapists on. The film is a quest for justice for Sarah when she meets district attorney Kathryn Murphy. Murphy wants to prosecute the three men and a court trial begins. The gang rape of Sarah is as brutal as that of Jennifer in I Spit On Your Grave or that of Alex in Irreversible. It has a terrible air of verisimilitude that is utterly horrifying. The film is made in pretty simple terms - a downtrodden heroine whom women can identify with and villainous rapists who are definitely going to get their just desserts. A bit crude maybe, but the film is passionate about its message - societal ambiguity about rape - and carries the viewer along with it, aided by the remarkable performance by Jodie Foster as Sarah. She delivers a visceral punch to the gut and engages not just the viewer's interest but also their emotional investment in the film. It was a good move on the director's part to keep the rape scene until the end - it gives the film a pending sense of menace and dread because we know that the full truth of what happened will eventually be outed and we will be compelled to watch it to the bitter end.

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