10 Creepiest 80s Movie Villains

8. The Hitchhiker - Creepshow 2

After her weekly tryst with a male escort, adulteress Annie Lansing gets in her car and rushes to get home before her high-powered attorney husband. Whilst engaging in the ill-advised combination of smoking, fast driving and talking to herself, Mrs. Lansing swerves her Mercedes right into a hapless hitch-hiker who is standing on the highway's shoulder. Lansing, not being of strong moral fiber, leaves the man to die... if only. Of course, not long after fleeing the scene, she stops the car and looks in her rear view to see the bloodied hitch-hiker waving madly and hobbling toward her. He suddenly appears at her window and utters the most memorable and repeated line of the movie, "Thanks for the ride lady". I don't know what it is about his tenacity and faux appreciation for a ride that never happened that makes the hitch-hiker so damn chilling, but I still get goosebumps when the hiker crawls out from the front of Lansing's car and holds up the "YOU KILLED ME" sign.
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