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I recently wrote a piece about horror films that I do not think are loved enough, so to redress the balance, I thought that I would treat you to films that are loved too much – the big horror names that everyone falls over themselves to pay homage to and to compliment which are really mind bogglingly awful. Some of these films are considered classics of the horror film realm and many are considered to be de rigeur.

Now I am not a snob when it comes to horror films. Otherwise I would never have watched Zombie Lake. But Zombie Lake knows that it is a really stupid film and doesn’t take itself seriously. It is unadulterated garbage but it doesn’t pretend to be ground breaking, pioneering or even coherent at times. This makes it endearingly dreadful in a way that only fans of trash cinema can appreciate.

The problem with many of the features on this list is that they are really trying to be unique, clever, serious and intriguing. Many would say that being highly successful movies they have achieved these characteristics. But I am calling out these sacred cows as baloney and exposing their true crapulence as highly regarded films.

Please add your own sacred horror film cows below

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This article was first posted on January 8, 2014