10 Deeply Disturbing Sex Scenes We Wish We Could Unsee

8. Deliverance (1972)

Deliverance Deliverance is a mainstream Hollywood all boys adventure movie that goes horribly awry whenever the men get on the wrong side of the local hicks with disastrous results. This is a local sticks for local people! Drew (Ronny Cox) has some degree of success with the locals: he engages the freakiest looking inbred boy in a medley of Duelling Banjos. Bobby (Ned Beatty) on the other hand, has a rather poor time of it - accused by the locals of accusing them of making moonshine (we'll have no trouble here!), poor Bobby gets raped by the hillbillies. As if this wasn't the worst thing that could happen, the rapists exhort Bobby to squeal like a pig. This scene is definitely a disturbing one we wish we could unsee. Who wants to watch a sweaty, fat, middle aged man get gang raped by a bunch of toothless inbred morons whilst sounding like Babe on his way to the Slaughter House? I included Deliverance in the list to show that men can be involved as victims in sexually deviant rape scenes we wish we could forget as well as women.
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