10 DC Movie Deleted Scenes You Need To See

10. Superman: Feed The Babies

Warner Bros

In the Richard Donner Superman movies, Eve Teschmacher is the Harley Quinn to Lex Luthor's Joker, and their relationship is similarly toxic.

This is best illustrated in a scene that was cut from the final film in which Gene Hackman's criminal mastermind attempts to feed his lovely assistant to his 'babies' - an off-screen menagerie of wild beasts - as punishment for helping Superman.

Fortunately for Ms Teschmacher, Supes swoops in and saves her before she can become baby food, having just rescued her mother, who sends her regards.

It's a fun sequence which adds to Lex's supervillain cred. Lowering somebody into a pit full of wild beasts is a trope straight out of the comic book bad guys handbook.

Apparently, Donner did away with the scene because he deemed it too silly. It's a good job the powers that be didn't take this approach when editing Superman III and IV because there'd be no footage left.

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