10 DCEU Fan Theories You Need To Hear

More prophetic than Batman's Knightmares.


There are so many unanswered questions in the DC Extended Universe. How will Superman return from the dead? Will Ben Affleck be Batman for much longer, and why did Doomsday look like a cave troll from Lord of the Rings?

The fans have had their say on these hot topics, dreaming up theories that range from credible to incredibly outlandish on message boards across the internet.

Fan predictions in the DCEU have a lot to live up to. Over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the theory about Stan Lee being The Watcher was so creative and madcap in equal measure that the House of M actually endorsed it.

Luckily, DC enthusiasts appear to be just as creative and they've been equally busy online. Remember that forecast about Robin being The Joker? That was plausible enough for Suicide Squad director David Ayer to come out and debunk.

So here's a smorgasbord of DCEU fan theories that haven't been disproven yet. Not all of them will blow your mind, but they'll at least make it hurt like crazy.


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